Resistance Books

Resistance Books is the publishing arm of Socialist Resistance. We publish books independently, and also jointly with Merlin Press, and the International Institute for Research and Education in Amsterdam.  Socialist Resistance is a revolutionary Marxist, internationalist, ecosocialist and feminist organisation. Analysis and news from Socialist Resistance can be read online hereSocialist Resistance collaborates with the Fourth International. Read its online magazine International Viewpoint. To contact Resistance Books:;; PO Box 62732, London, SW2 9GQ.

The International Institute for Research and Education

The IIRE is a centre for the development of critical thought and the exchange of experiences and ideas between people engaged in their struggles. Since 1982, when the Institute opened in Amsterdam, its main activity has been the organisation of courses for progressive forces around the world. The seminars, courses and study groups deal with all subjects related to the emancipation of the oppressed and exploited around the world. It has welcomed participants from across the world, most of them from developing countries. The IIRE provides activists and academics opportunities for research and education in three locations: Amsterdam, Islamabad and Manila. The IIRE publishes Notebooks for Study and Research, which focus on contemporary political debates, as well as themes of historical and theoretical importance. The Notebooks have appeared in several languages besides English and French. All the Notebooks are available by going to Other publications and audio files of the events held at the IIRE are available in several languages and can be freely downloaded from To contact the International Institute for Research and Education:;; Lombokstraat 40, Amsterdam, 1094 AL, The Netherlands.