Capitalist China and Socialist Revolution



Capitalist China and Socialist Revolution

by Simon Hannah

ISBN: 978-0-902869-21-9 (paperback)
ISBN: 978-0-902869-20-2 (e-book)

RRP paperback: £6, $8, AU$12
RRP e-book: £3, $5, Au$6

78 pages; 108x178mm.

Publication date: March 2022


The economic and political growth of China and its transformation into a capitalist world power is one of the defining features of the modern age. It has shifted economic relations and the balance of power. Hundreds of millions of workers in China – the world’s largest working-class population – hold the future of the world in their hands. What China is and how it is developing is not an academic matter. This book is a contribution to the debate on China.


  1. Capitalist China and socialist revolution
  2. China as a capitalist country
  3. The long march to becoming an imperialist capitalist power
  4. The Chinese state
  5. Capitalism without a bourgeoisie?
  6. The state-owned enterprises
  7. “Life has become easier, comrades, life has become happier”
  8. China as an imperialist country
  9. Political strategy in China

Simon Hannah is a local government worker and a socialist and trade union activist. He is the author of A Party with Socialists in it: a history of the Labour Left (2018: Pluto Press), Can’t Pay, Won’t Pay: the fight to stop the Poll Tax (2020: Pluto Press), and Radical Lambeth (2021: Breviary Stuff), and a forthcoming book on socialist planning.