Returns of Marxism



RETURNS OF MARXISM: Marxist Theory in Time of Crisis



In recent years we have witnessed a ‘return of Marxism’ as a younger generation of scholars and activists have rediscovered Marx as a crucial source for the critique of capitalism. The title Returns of Marxism refers to this return but also to the rewards of the Marxist tradition when this wealth of ideas is re-appropriated and re-interpreted by a new generation of activists and scholars in contemporary struggles and research. Returns of Marxism brings together contributions from different traditions and generations working on the urgent renewal of radical critique.

Returns of Marxism includes essays discussing a wide range of topics ranging, examining Marxist thought and its uses for interrogating past and present.

The volume is divided in six different sections, each containing contributions to broader discussions within the Marxist tradition:
• Reading Capital,
• Re-Reading Marx,
• Marxism and International Politics,
• Historicising Historical Materialism,
• Feminist and Queer Marxisms,
• Many Marxisms

Contributors include Guglielmo Carchedi, Riccardo Bellofiore, Michael Heinrich, Geert Reuten, Frieder Otto Wolf, Tom Rockmore, Wei Xiaoping, Joost Kircz, Jan Drahokoupil, Bastiaan Van Apeldoorn, Laura Horn, Gal Kirn, Jeffery Webber, Bertel Nygaard, Marcel Van Der Linden, Peter D. Thomas, Chiara Bonfiglioli, Peter Drucker, Katja Diefenbach, Steve Wright and Roland Boer.

The volume is edited by Sara R. Farris. The collection of essays presented in this volume demonstrate the richness, rigour and importance of Marx’s thought for developing alternative worldviews and politics in the present.

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Published February 2015 by Resistance Books and the IIRE
IIRE NSR no. 57

Paperback, 396 pages.

ISBN: 978-0-902869-68-4

Edited by Sara R. Farris