Unity and Strategy – Ideas for Revolution


UNITY AND STRATEGY – Ideas for Revolution

With contributions by Leon Trotsky, Daniel Bensaïd, Steve Bloom, James Burnham, Duncan Hallas, Tom Kerry, Piers Mostyn, Michel Pablo, and John Riddell.

Published by the IIRE and Resistance Books, Price £8, Paperback 240 pages.

This book contains an updated translation of the founding document of the Fourth International, The Transitional Program. In this work, Trotsky lays out his strategy for socialist revolution.

The book also contains classic and contemporary articles delving into different aspects of revolutionary strategy. Together with The Transitional Program for Socialist Revolution, these documents make the book a valuable tool for activists thinking about how to defeat capitalism.

One of the major challenges for socialists is to build an anti-capitalist movement that connects daily struggles to the goal of overthrowing capitalism. Leon Trotsky was a leading marxist strategic thinker. His answer to this challenge was that socialists should build movements which unite working people around their own needs. In such movements, socialists should urge working people to trust in their own power and formulate goals that break with capitalism.

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Published May 2015 by Resistance Books and the IIRE

Paperback, 240 pages.

ISBN: 978-0-902869-66-0


  1. Class Unity, the Working-Class United Front and the Allies of the Proletariat. Fourth International
  2. Clara Zetkin’s struggle for the united front. John Riddell
  3. The Communist International & the united front. Duncan Hallas
  4. On the United Front: Material for a Report on the Question of French Communism. Leon Trotsky
  5. What Next? Vital Questions for the German Proletariat. Leon Trotsky
  6. The United Front for Defence: A Letter to a Social Democratic Worker. Leon Trotsky
  7. Some Comments on Party Policy and Tactics in the Antiwar Movement. Tom Kerry
  8. On transitional demands, the United Front and the fight against Fascism. Daniel Bensaïd
  9. The Fourth International and the Transitional Program. Michel Pablo
  10. The Death Agony of Capitalism and the Tasks of the Fourth International- The Transitional Program. Fourth International
  11. Discussions with Leon Trotsky on the Transitional Program
  12. A Revolutionary Tool for Modern Times: A Transitional Program, Steve Bloom
  13. For Committees of Action, Not the People’s Front! Leon Trotsky
  14. The People’s Front: The New Betrayal. James Burnham
  15. The Lessons of Spain: The Last Warning. Leon Trotsky