L’intervention soviétique en Afghanistan (1979)


LCR and the Soviet intervention in Afghanistan

This book “LCR and the Soviet intervention in Afghanistan” is a collection of documents  reproduced from the internal bulletins of the Ligue Communiste Recvolutionnaire (LCR), Rouge (weekly LCR newspaper – whose archives are gradually made available on DVD), Critique Communiste (theoretical review of the LCR), Inprecor (International Press Correspondence, news magazine of the Fourth International), all in chronological order.  At the end of book, there is a also special pamphlet of the LCR, published in mid-February 1980.




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Published 2007 by Resistance Books with the ASMSFQI.

Paperback, 104 pages.

ISBN: 978-0-902869-90-5


ASMSFQI (the Association for the Preservation of the Memory of the French Section of the Fourth International). In addition to the website, the ASMFQI publishes a magazine of documents from the French section of the Fourth International all related to a specific theme.