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by Bob Williams-Findlay,

Preface by Marian Brooks-Sardinha

ISBN: 9780902869721
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The book places the struggles for the emancipation of disabled people within the context of Bob’s life journey. Born with cerebral palsy in 1951, he spent a third of his life in segregated education. But he was to go on and influence both theory and practice in many differing arenas, becoming a student leader and a scholar activist. Bob traces his experience of life, discrimination and political awakening both as an individual and as part of a specific social group. This journey links disability politics to a wider politics within students, disabled peoples, trade union and labour movements. The book concludes with sober commentary of the on-going struggle against disablement and capitalism.


More than a Left Foot is not just the autobiography of a bloke called Bob who was born with cerebral palsy and became a fully engaged passionate advocate for respecting equality, quality and access. Bob’s life story is interwoven with the evolution of his profound thinking on how society relates to disabled people in its population. He applies a restless intellect to these issues. The result is a book which, with considerable warmth and humour, will stimulate and challenge you to rethink many of your most ‘common sense’ beliefs.
Paul Mackney, former General Secretary of the University and College Union

More than a Left Foot is not a sentimental triumph over tragedy story about a disabled person. It is a life story which weaves together the personal story of living with an impairment with the social and political background of disabled people’s struggle for emancipation alongside the twists and turns of dealing with a disabling world. As a longstanding disabled scholar activist, Bob has drawn on years on knowledge and experience to produce an insightful look at a piece of unrecorded social history. Highly recommended.
Colin Barnes Emeritus Professor Disability Studies, University of Leeds

Thought-provoking and full of deep personal and political insights. A fantastic book about a unique strong-willed man. Highly recommended.
Francesca Martinez, comedian, writer, actress – describes herself as ‘wobbly’

More Than a Left Foot will be out 1 May 2020

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Towards a history of the Fourth International

by Livio Maitan,
Preface by Daniel Bensaid
Translated by Gregor Benton
Edited and with an introduction by Penelope Duggan

“Livio Maitan helped inspire the growth of Italian Trotskyism. There was also a wave of Maoism in the 1960s and a debate ensued, to which Livio contributed his book on China, Party, Army, and Masses. I was deeply influenced by it, and I translated it for New Left Books. The book combined criticism of the Chinese Revolution with support. From it, I learned how to write engaged scholarship. Livio could have shone at a leading university had he wanted, but instead he spent most of his life working on a shoestring. In 2002, he wrote this history of the Fourth International to go alongside his autobiography. Translating this new book was a bittersweet experience. Through it, I was able to relive chapter by chapter my wild political youth and my middle age. Livio Maitan’s spirit lifts this story from a catalogue of false starts into a chronicle of heroism and optimism. He died before Black Lives Matter, Me Too, Corbynism, Gilets Jaunes, Extinction Rebellion  and other new struggles, but he paved the way for them. This book shows the road to socialism remains open." – Gregor Benton.

Watch here Gregor Benton talk about Livio Maitan and what his work meant for him.

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Essays on fascism, anti-Semitism and the use of history

By Enzo Traverso

In this new collection of essays, Enzo Traverso examines the relationships between anti-Semitism, modernity and the Holocaust. Traverso analyses multiple dimensions of the destruction of the European Jews, debates over the historical memory and left-wing debates on the nature of anti-Semitism.

“The essays and book chapters collected in this remarkable volume represent a watershed in the history of Marxist critical thinking. For the first time, a comprehensive reflection of the historical meaning of Auschwitz as a “civilisational break” is developed, from a Marxist viewpoint which critically analyses the limitations, and sometimes blindness, of most Marxist writings on the Holocaust. In our days, when post-fascist or neo-fascist regimes are in spectacular rise on a planetarian scale, this book is not only timely: it is an indispensable intellectual tool for the resistance against Barbarism.”- Michael Löwy.

Read here a review of this book by Herman Pietersen

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Arguments for ecosocialism

By Alan Thornett

We are facing a multifaceted threat to life the planet. From a defence of the remarkable ecological content of classical Marxism – lost during the 20th century to the rise of productivism – the book is an appeal to the socialist left to take the ecological crisis far more seriously. Thornett engages directly with major debates such as the rising human population and carbon pricing that remain unresolved on the socialist left. His approach is to promote a transitional approach, distinct from both those that think capitalism will find a solution and those who think revolutionary propaganda is enough. He argues that defending the planet against this crisis today requires broadest possible movement of those – the 99 per cent – who are victims of it.

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By Catherine Samary

Contributions from Samuel Farber, Silvia Federici, Franck Gaudichaud, Zagorska Golubović, Ernest Mandel, Goran Marković, Svetozar Stojanović and Raquel Varela.

How far did the Bolcheviks introduce a ‘decolonial communism’,  later destroyed by Stalin’s ‘socialism in one country’? Did the Tito-Stalin break in 1948 and the other revolutions transform these objectives? How far did the struggles and debates in the Yugoslavia of ‘market socialism’ in the mid 1960s follow a path towards democracy and the commons The contributors in this book review past and present experiences and Catherine Samary reconsiders the debates in the light of current  emancipatory thinking and movements.
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